What are the New Styles of Koi Uniforms?

What are the New Styles of Koi Uniforms?

New Styles of Koi UniformsKathy Peterson, owner and president of Koi Happiness, may not be thinking of revolutionizing the medical profession’s uniform when she designed her company’s first scrub. But anyone can see that the ripple effect of her craft is slowly picking up steam.

These days, many hospitals prefer a stylish garment for their surgeons and nurses. They’re no longer concerned only about function, but they also want nicer designs. Because of this, those boring and plain-colored uniforms will be a thing of the past a few years from now. And that’s because of Koi Happiness, a clothing company that continues to produce high-end and truly unique medical garments.

Each season, Koi Happiness introduces innovative and chic uniform lines that our medical and surgical friends surely love. And if you’re here to find out what’s that latest, here are the new styles at Koi.

1. Top

Now that summer is just around the corner, expect to find a variety of cool print tops. From garden prints to flamingo pink limeade wrap top, your working days (or nights) at the hospital will be filled with a festive spirit.

As for a wrap top, you can still find one with a plain color, but it’s bolder and much livelier unlike the usual green or blue uniforms you see at most hospitals.

2. Lab coat

New Styles of Koi Uniforms Lab CoatThis season, Koi Happiness is releasing lab coats that resemble coats that you see on a Burberry fashion show. The company is all about producing high-fashion medical uniforms, so yes, these lab coats are that chic!

This season, Koi lab coats are all about buttons, pockets, collars, and fashionable colors. Unlike most uniforms, these lab coats have one-of-a-kind buttons especially designed for the company. You’ll also get pointed collars and well-constructed front pockets.

The company has also experimented with plackets, patch pockets, and interior cuffs in their other designs which are definitely worth checking out.

3. Jacket

This season, Koi’s jackets are round-neck styled, have deep front pockets for cellphones and small notes, and have a D-ring to secure keys and other valuables. In addition, these jackets have a color that can easily match hospital pants and tops.

4. Pants

New Styles of Koi Uniforms Low-Rise PantMost medical pants are baggy and loose to ensure the wearer of as much comfort as possible. But look through Koi’s product catalogue and you’ll realize how hideous these loose pants are.

The company has released two designs that you can wear for any season: a low-rise style and a mid-rise fit alternative.

For the low-rise pants, expect to see a cargo-like pair of pants. It’s complete with an inside drawstring to loosen or fasten the waist, two front pockets, a large cargo pocket, two back flap pockets, and a loop for your keys. These pants come in different colors that range from flamingo pink to steel gray.

For the mid-rise fit style, expect to see a flat front, a back elastic for maximum comfort, a side zipper, a number of pockets (coin, cellphone, cargo), a flare leg, and ankle slits.

Season after season, Koi Happiness continues to deliver best-selling designs that are able to marry function and style. These clothes are also made from cotton and polyester for comfort, so they’re as comfortable as they should be. With Koi uniforms, it’s like you’re wearing normal clothes.


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