Information on Koi Lab Coats and Jackets for Women

Information on Koi Lab Coats and Jackets for Women

Koi Lab CoatsSince its introduction, Koi Happiness has continued to wow us with its innovative styles of medical uniforms. It has created unique designer items that go beyond the usual plain and boring hospital scrubs, which the medical profession has readily embraced. To some, Koi has revolutionized medical uniforms.

While the company has gained a solid following for its scrub lines, let’s not forget that it also has other equally impressive products. If you want sophisticated lab coats and medical jackets, choose Koi Happiness.

The following is a list of the lab coat collections of the company.

  • Olivia
  • Gabrielle
  • Lauren
  • Rebecca
  • Valerie
  • Michaela

As you can see, these are classy names of women that no doubt reflect what the lab coats are: trendy, yet professional; sophisticated, yet hospital-appropriate.

Let’s take a look at the distinguishing features of these collections.

1. Gabrielle

If there’s one word to describe this line, it’s “fashion-forward.” Unlike the usual lab coats that stick to only one color, Gabrielle is more inclined to prints — animal prints to be exact. One particular sweater has a jaguar-skin design, which can perfectly match casual pants such as jeans or denim.

2. Lauren

Lauren sticks to basics, but with a twist. The basic features such as front pockets are still there, but one of the distinct characteristics of a Lauren jacket is its stylized binding. Also, the coat closes on one button situated on waist level.

Black Olivia Lab Coats3. Olivia

Olivia lab coats are all about colors and versatility. You can choose from among the following fabulous colors: navy, royal blue, black, merlot, white, ice blue, and pink. Also, these pieces can act as a lab coat and at the same time, a jacket that keeps you warm during cold nights. Expect super soft fabric as well because they are made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

4. Rebecca

At one glance, a Rebecca lab coat can pass for a trenchcoat. It has pointed collars, and extends right above the knees. It also has two front pockets, deep enough to contain your valuables.

5. Valerie

Among the Koi lab coats for women, perhaps this is the most stylish. From front to back, all parts of the Valerie lab coat oozes in style. The sleeves are belted that are three quarters in length. They are also double-breasted, and they have pleats at the box, plus faux button pockets in front.

6. Michaela

Like Valerie, Michaela lab coats do not run out of style. They have features similar to those found in a stylish trenchcoat. For instance, they have foldable cuffs, big buttons, and impeccable tailoring. When you are wearing one, you will feel like one of the stylish ladies walking the streets of Milan or London.

Aside from women’s lab coats, Koi Happiness also has a coat line for men. One of their best-selling coats is the Colin collection. These coats have many useful pockets (cell pocket, chest pocket, and two other pockets) that every doctor or surgeon will love.