Does Koi Make Maternity Scrubs?

Does Koi Make Maternity Scrubs?

maternity scrubsIf you are pregnant, you may be forced to consider how your pregnancy will affect your wardrobe. This is especially true if you are a working professional who needs to wear a uniform or a certain kind of outfit to work. For many women who work in healthcare, an ordinary work outfit consists of scrubs. Scrubs are worn in all kinds of clean environments because they are easy to keep clean, and they have come to be the standard “uniform” for nurses and other healthcare workers.

You may be worried about your ability to keep wearing scrubs as your pregnancy progresses. Luckily, scrubs are easy to adapt to a pregnancy. They are often loose-fitting and flexible to begin with, and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes for all body types. Many scrub pants have elastic waistbands and drawstrings. If your pregnancy is making you unable to fit into your ordinary scrubs, you can try going up in size. However, some scrub manufacturers do produce maternity scrubs specifically for pregnant women to wear. This is especially helpful in late pregnancy when even loose-fitting clothing may be unflattering or uncomfortable.

Can I buy maternity scrubs from Koi?

koi maternity scrubsKoi is a popular brand that popularized colorful, fashionable designer scrubs for men and women. Although Koi sells hundreds of different varieties of scrub tops and bottoms, they do not have a line of maternity scrubs. This doesn’t mean pregnant women can’t wear Koi scrubs – Koi offers sizes up to 5X for women. If you are pregnant, you may have luck with Koi scrubs.

Where can I buy maternity scrubs?

An internet search for maternity scrubs will give you many options for where to buy scrubs and different styles of scrubs. Here are a few retailors that sell maternity scrubs online:

  • has a small selection of maternity scrub styles, and each style is available in many different solid colors. sells scrub tops with stretchy side panels that will accommodate an expanding stomach, as well as tops that have an attractive flare and are flexible. This website also sells scrub pants with comfortable expanding stomach panels. The maternity scrubs on are by the brands Cherokee and Landau.
  • has a slightly larger selection of maternity scrubs by Cherokee, Urbane, and Landau. These scrub tops have panels, flares, or a “wrap” fit. One kind of maternity scrub pant is offered.
  • cherokee maternity also has a selection of maternity scrubs by the brand S.C.R.U.B.S. These scrub tops feature empire waists and pleated tummies, as well as elastic on the back. The scrub pants have stomach panels. Each product is available in a few different solid colors, and a floral print is also offered.

If you are in the market for maternity scrubs, you should look for scrubs by Cherokee, Urbane, Landau, and S.C.R.U.B.S. While Koi makes versatile clothing and is fine for earlier pregnancy, you may be more comfortable in scrubs that have been specifically designed for pregnant women.


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