Koi Uniforms

All You Need to Know About Koi Uniforms


Koi Uniforms Katelyn Mock Wrap Scrub TopNobody wants to look bland. That is a fact. In every profession, looks count. It tells a short story of how much you value your profession and how you want to be perceived.  The perception of the masses and the clients that see you goes a long way and could spell how they will respond to you.

In the medical profession, the medical scrub suit is pretty much standard but a recent trend about it is on going. More and more people are clamoring for a more fashion forward medical scrub suit. If you are one of those people then the Koi Uniforms will not disappoint you. It is a respected brand of medical uniforms whose focus is mainly in giving you the best clothing for your job. They are comfortable and functional at the same time. Much thought was given on how each Koi uniforms will look like. It is no wonder that others are following this initiative of introducing different colors and patterns of medical uniforms.

When you look at the catalog of Koi uniforms you will be surprised by the wide range of choices available.  The print top of Koi uniforms are simply lovely and has that quality that screams of being one of the best. It has reached this kind of popularity mainly because the fresh designs are easy to wear and is a form of self-expression as well.  No one will look at you the same way, because now you have fashion sense.

For the more exotic part in you, there are multi colored top designs by Koi uniforms. Each one is a testament to its efforts in making medical uniforms that are superbly made and designed. Women love Koi uniforms because it gives them the look and the shape that they want. If you are a woman in the heavier side of the spectrum, wearing Koi uniforms will help you gain your confidence back. That is not a guarantee but a fact!

Koi Uniforms Olivia Jacket

Choose a uniform that matches your skin tone. This will make it even more pleasing to the eyes instead of just picking out one from a stock.  Also, you must try them on at least once to have a feel about it so that you won’t have to return and have it exchanged if you find that its fit is not so good. Your selection will be terrific on you.

No more looking like an average person in a scrub suit because Koi is here to get you that extra push.  It is trendy and very comfortable to wear. Even if it is your first time to try one of their uniforms, you will feel like you have always worn them. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who opted for Koi to be their partner when it comes to medical scrubs. You will not regret it because each one is a work of art literally! There are no boring colors or designs that simply don’t work. With Koi uniforms you are in safe hands.


Different Styles of Koi Pants

Different Styles of Koi Pants


Koi pants stand out because of three reasons

koi pantsFirst, Koi pants have a variety of bright and stylish colors that are in accordance with today’s hottest. But unlike with other brands that tend to push it too far, these colors are made sure that they still comply with the industry’s standards and dress code. Second, though these medical scrubs got style, they are very functional.

Best of all, Koi scrub pants are innovatively designed, yet they do not go out of style. In addition, you can say that some of them are fashion-forward, but you definitely can still wear them in years to come.

Below is a list of the different styles of Koi pants to choose from.

1. Cargo pants

Among the styles of Koi pants, cargo pants have an image of being versatile and extremely functional. They are needed in a heavy-performance workplace, so they are often requested by professionals who would like a durable outfit that suit their requirements.

Usually, cargo pants have six pockets (two on the lap, two on the sides, and two at the back), but some of these pants can have more. Plus, they are also loose-fitting, so the wearer can move freely and comfortably even during times when he or she has to run.

These pants close through an inner drawstring. Also, they go well with any scrub top.

2. Flare leg pants

These pants are designed for women. Some of them have the flare in front, while others can extend inches above the ankles. Whatever the style is, these pants are used for short women who would like to make themselves look taller.

3. Reversible pants

Normally, after work, you would want to change your scrubs into something more casual. With reversible pants, you don’t need another set of pants to accomplish this. Just turn and wear these reversible pants inside out, and then you can have a brand-new style.

4. Capri pants

In general, capri pants extend a few inches below the knee but they never reach the ankles. This is true with Koi capri pants. They have different lengths, and they also have different styles. Some capri pants are loose-fitting, while the others are a little tighter.

5. Zipper fly pants

Most Koi pants have an inner drawstring for closure. But some of them are classified under the zipper-fly pants category because they have zippered flies. While most hospitals prefer drawstring pants, these zippered pants may still comply with the dress code.

6. Skinny pants

Skinny Koi pants are tighter than the usual, but they are looser than skinny jeans. Some of these pants are similar to cargo pants (with 6 pockets), and some have other styles.

koi pants - capri pantsAs you can see, Koi pants come in at least six different styles. When choosing which one to purchase, consider your dress code. Some of these pants may be fashionable to you, but they may not be acceptable to the hospital you work for. If that happens, you can always stick to the basic design.